Bank Car Loan

Since we can't avail for the auto loan because we don't have much funds from our bank account and we can't comply some of the needed requirements, My mom applied for an auto loan at our local bank here in Banco de Oro. We were surprised how fast the loan approval was. She applied that day and then the next day it was approved. They did not require any papers and other documents because they knew that my mom used to send remittances to me and they just checked her bank account transactions and funds.

They will finance the Brand New Hyundai Starex Van that we want. The good thing about BDO Auto Loan is they also finance used vehicles as long as it will not exceed 6 years upon loan maturity. They also have a Flexible Payment Terms where payment options can be from 1 to 6 years with low monthly payments. They will also finance for used cars where the term is can be up  to 4 years.

We still have to pay for the down payment which costs around $700  and that's what my mom is trying to save now so we can have our dream car hopefully soon.

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