Competition in our Business

Two months ago,  there's a 2 newly opened internet shop here in our place and this time, another one is building up near in front of our area.The other one was a friend of ours who are just starting and she always ask assistance to my hubby since my hubby is the one who maintained our pc's here.  Our friend serves as the manager because the real owner who finances their i-cafe shop  lives abroad. But the problem is our friend doesn't know much about installing, programming, pc set up and others. It is hard if you don't know how to do it and you just keep on asking on what to do. We told them to hire a technician to set up their pc's. They bought 6 second hand pc units and from what we had experience before, second hand units doesn't last and it is a waste of money since we spend a lot just by buying some damaged parts and it also cost us that much is repairing it. That's why we prefer to buy a brand new one.

I think we are more than 10 internet cafe establishments operating here in our Barangay. It seems like this kind of business is very in-demand since almost all people uses internet nowadays. I can see there are some students who make some assignments and just pass it on their teacher's email add. While other students do their research and prints it out. Some are hard core players of online and offline games. Others would love to chat while some would love to check out their social sites and do some internet surfing.

With regards to the competition of this kind of business, I am not worried that much since it is not only about the internet and other service we provide but its all about building relationships with our customers. And that means we are providing a good customer service to them in attending all their needs. We have lots of "suki" repeated customers who always comes back to us. Even if we had transferred to another place several times, our customers would always find us. Our i-cafe shop also serves as our house that's why when we wake up late, our "suki" customers would knock on our door so we can open them and they can start to use the pc.

Aside from pc usage, printing, scanning, encoding, cd-burn etc. we also accept music and video downloads to mp4, mobile phones and other gadgets.We also transfer files using bluetooth, infrared, memory card etc. And not only that, my hubby also accepts pc repair and reformat which also serves as our extra income.

Our i-cafe shop has been operating for more than 7 years now and I could say that its still booming and running smoothly and we are thankful to God that even if we have a lot of competitors, we still have many customers who still keep on coming back to us.

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