Do You Want to Have an iPad?

I admit that I am actually one of those people who really wants to have an iPad. And since I can't afford to buy it, I am just trying my luck in joining online blog contest and Facebook contest. And to be honest, I'm not even familiar with this gadget. Maybe I'm just trying to go with the flow on what's the latest and hottest gadget in town where people would love to have it.  However, I am still curious enough to know and to try  using its features and applications.

The iPad is where Apple wants computing to go. It is focused, elegant, and simple. It challenges us to rethink our assumptions of what it means to use a computer and what it takes to be productive with them. I think the iPad isn't for dumb people, it is for people who wants to try something new. How about you? Are you one of us who also wants to have an iPad?

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