A Great Camera for Such a Low Price

I blogged about it before that Ive been looking for cheap digital camera that could fit my $100 budget. I went to our local shopping mall last week to look for a cheap one but it costs more than a $100 and its not a popular brand so I decided to shop online and I'm glad that I finally found out a cheap camera which is on sale on Ebay. It's a KODAK EASYSHARE C142 Digital Camera with 10 megapixels, 3x zoom and has an LCD display of 2.5 inches. It's 28% OFF which is only P3,333 / $77.00 and its Free of Shipping Fee! Isn't that a great buy?

I have a Kodak digicam before which also captures great and clear photos that's why I have no doubt in buying this camera because I know that these camera brand takes gorgeous photos and I was absolutely amazed on how brilliant the photos I took from this camera.

Here's some of the photo shots:

I am very pleased with these camera. As you can see, my daughter's photo are extremely clear and the camera was easy to set up and use. One of its  amazing features is you can send pictures or video directly from the camera to many different applications such as flicker, Facebook and YouTube very easily. You can even set the camera to send email by typing in email addresses on the screen with the multifunction buttons. Take a picture, want to send it to facebook, while reviewing the picture press "share" and choose facebook. All the rest is done for you automatically when you link the camera to your computer. Isn't that cool?

I would recommend this camera to everyone who want great pictures with no fuss who are also in a tight budget. If you are thinking about buying a great camera  for such a low price, then  buy this model and I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

UPDATE: Due to my readers request, here's the link of the SALE ITEM of this digital camera in Ebay. Check it out now while there are still stocks available! 

Just visit this link: 28% OFF Kodak Easyshare C142 10MP Digicam 2.5" LCD

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