I Hate Moving!

Ever since I was a kid, we always keep on transferring and moving from one place to another because we don't have our own house. I just hate it every time we are planning to move. The hassles, the inconvenience, the tiresome job of keeping, packing and placing our things to our newly rented home. I remember when my grandmother died and I have to pursue my college degree in another city, I needed to transfer from one city to another and I find it hard to find a moving truck. 

Good thing my cousin has a friend who offered to rent their truck but it was not that huge and I felt so sad because some of our furniture and other things was left because it can't be fit on the truck anymore.It's a long mile travel and its so expensive to hire them again to pick up the things I left from our previous rented house. And the worst part, some of my things like my bed and my appliances were damaged when we arrived on my newly rented house because it was raining at that time and the truck has no roof nor even a tarps in it.

That's what I hate about moving, specially when you have no contacts and information on where to find a  moving company. I hope that  I can find a reliable one just like pasadena movers who can handle all valuables and things with extreme care.They are specialists in  moving large and small home re-locations and offers various sorts of home moving, whether local or long distance,  and rare or fragile goods. We are planning to move again and hopefully this time, this would be our last and final move as we transfer to our own house soon. 

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