It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

If you own a business whereby you or your employees will be driving your own vehicles or customer’s vehicles on the public highway, you operate as a vehicle fitter or a mobile tuner where you provide repair services to vehicles or you buy and sell vehicles for profit.

You might compare motor trade insurance options to life insurance coverage options that includes choices for loss of work , medical expenses coverage, and other types of coverage that you'll probably never need, but could require the use of during some unforeseen event in the future as being basically the same. Where one protects your life and well-being on a personal and individual level while the other does very similar things for your business.

You may be doing good enough with your business and have a good track record with no accidents, no customer complaints and no other damaging incidents occurring and because of this you might think that basic third party motor trade insurance coverage is enough. It would make sense to consider that anything can  happen. You may wind up with a mechanic who doesn't do very good work at your garage or a customer or employee who crashes a brand new car on a test drive, that's why it’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

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