Looking for Cheap Pink Camera

My mom bought a new digital camera and she wanted to send her old digicam to me but when she found out that the freight cost was so expensive because of the Shipping insurance coverage, she decided to send me money to buy for a cheap digital camera. The shipping insurance cost almost the same price from her old digicam that she wanted to give to me. She said she will just send her digicam together with other items she packed for balikbayan boxes. 

I just can't wait for the balikbayan boxes because it took more than 3 months before it will finally arrive here in our place and I really need a digital camera right now that's why I keep on searching for a cheap digicam available here particularly in pink color of course (you know that I love pink) Teehee! My budget is around $100 and I like to have something like this Kodak Easyshare C713 pink digital camera I saw in Amazon. I hope I can find it here at our local shopping mall.

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