My Fashionable Mom

M is for My MOM!

I was pleased when I posted a photo my mom wearing a simple yet sexy looking tops and a number of commenters said that I made a mistake in stating that she is my mom because she looks like my sister. Well, actually most of the people we newly met would often thought that she is my sister. Would you believe she's already 47 and she's nearing her 50's?

Ever since I was kid, my mom already have that great sense of fashion. She loves to wear sexy clothes and she always match it with her accessories. She is also "IN" for the latest and trendy fashion and style. She's actually even more updated when it comes to the new fashion thingy in the world of fashion. She also prefers to wear branded clothes and stuffs starting from shoes, bags, perfumes, make ups etc. My mom really loves being fashionable and I admire her for having a good fashion sense. 

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