Our Wedding Gowns

It's Nostalgic Thursday once again and today, I am reminiscing back those beautiful memories and one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life is our wedding day and speaking of wedding, I think all the people are excited to see the lovely bride walking down the aisle wearing a beautiful wedding gown. Truly it is stunning to see a beautiful woman appear in an elegant white wedding gown, right?

Me on my simple elegant wedding gown  (5 years ago)

My cousin Allen on her beautiful wedding gown (a year ago)

A sexy and gorgeous wedding gown of my cousin Jhoanne on her wedding  (a month ago)

I actually like my wedding gown  that looks like a princess similar on  my cousin Allen's wedding gown (2nd photo) but too bad that kind of style was not available at the gown rental shop where we rented our dresses for the whole entourage. Well, it doesn't matter for me anymore since at that time we also don't have an extra budget to buy or make an exclusively sewed wedding gown. ^_^


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