Biblical Baby Names

My childhood friend just recently gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl and I was amazed how unique her baby's name is. She named it "Trinity Eyes", I thought she was just describing her baby's eyes but that was indeed her real name. She actually researched on that name because she wanted it to be unique but very Christian so she comes up with the name "Trinity Eyes". Trinity means its a combination of the three holy persona, God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit so "Trinity Eyes" simply means "GOD SEES".  Isn't that a very unique name?

Her baby's name reminds me of my daughter's name too since it is also relevant to a Christian names because it is a Biblical name. I named her "Sydelle Clea Alysha" which means " A Princess who sings praises to the God of our Salvation". I also researched on it through the internet because I also like Biblical names. 

If you are looking for unusual and unique baby names,  you can visit this Unusual Baby Names site which has a rare Bible baby names and  not found elsewhere.  If you still can't decide, you can  head over to the Top Baby Names section to see the most popular baby names in various countries.

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