Blogerzoom's Redirection Problem

A few days ago, one of my blogger friends, Mommy Lulu told me that every time she visits this main blog of mine, My Life and My Journey Online she will be redirected to another website. Sis Dhemz also told me she also experienced it. And now Sis Rhyeanne told me that both of my blogs including my other blog,  My Daily Notes was also redirected to Blogerzoom which is blog directory site. I had remove all the codes from Blogerzoom and I think its okay now. 

I received an email today from Blogerzoom asking for an apology because of the inconvenience it brought to my blogs. They said that some hackers hack their site, posted a script in their server due to which their site was redirected to other site and they were unaware of it.  They contacted their  hosting company (hostgator) to get it done, and they said they eventually  resolved it. Well, I just hope this will not be happening again because those redirection and pop ups from their site is really annoying. And since I already had a bad dilemma from them, I will not place the badge code ever again from their site. 

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