Disposable Contact Lenses

Lately, I am having some problems with my eyes because I can't clearly see some signs, banners and even some people from a far. I had a blurry vision while looking at it. I can only see them clearly if its near with me. I am really experiencing a blurry vision. I do have a customized computer eyeglasses but my only problem is that my daughter is trying to get my eyeglasses because she wants to try it out and wear it. 

It's very delicate since its breakable that's why I need an alternative visual aid such as disposable contact lenses. I found some helpful information from farbige Kontaktlinsen about contact lenses and I learned how convenient  it is to use contact lenses specially the disposable ones because  there is no lens cleaning required and no day to day accumulation of lens deposits to do. And since these lenses are not worn overnight, it can potentially have a less risk of contact lens related eye problems.

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