Lack of Sleep can Also Gain Weight

Experts said that time and the quality of sleep could affect your weight. When we lack of sleep it will cause us in gaining weight. I think its true in my case since I usually sleep very late usually around 2 am and I wake up at 7 am. And within that dawn and early morning time, I always look for some food and drinks at the fridge and I just can't resist eating my favorite foods.

Experts also said that to overcome lack of sleep, one should avoid the late afternoon caffeine, because it will make your stay in the stage of lighter sleep are associated with less sleep at night. Exercise also helps you to improve the quality of sleep. We should also consider what we eat before bed. We should eat some healthy snacks and eating snacks like a bowl of cereal before bed. Eating a heavy meal close to bedtime will increase the risk of heartburn, which will make you awake all night. I just hope that these weird sleeping routine and lack of sleep habit of mine will be change soon so I can restore my back my body in shape.

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