Problems on Paid to Blog Sites Ive Joined

My blog was approved by SponsoredReviews a few months ago and I already made several paid posts from advertisers who wants to review and promote their products and services. I have been waiting for my payment for more than 5 months now and I still did not receive any single payment from them. I already sent a support ticket asking them when it will be cashed out because Ive waited for several weeks during its releasing of payment.

From what Ive understood on their payment release, they pay every 2 weeks or on a bi-weekly basis for reviews completed in that 2 week period. They said that I will be paid within 14 days of submitting the completed review URL.

Judy, one of the customer service staff replied to my message and said that she is not sure why I haven't received any payment. Before payment is issued all completed reviews must be live. They are all redirecting this and she said that it must be corrected immediately.

I sent another message to follow up on my inquiry and Judy said she already forwarded this information to their IT department and she will just notify me with the results. Gosh! How long does it take for them to check out my account? Ive been following up my complaint for 2 months now and still there's no action taken? 

I still keep on receiving paid opportunities from them but this time I feel lazy  and I am not quite interested in doing it since I never received any payment from them. It feels like I am just wasting my time and effort doing my paid reviews. 

My blog was also approved by SocialSpark a few months ago but I only receive few offers. It's been 2 months now that I did not get any paid opportunities from them. I'm almost reaching the minimum $50 payout but too bad, I can't cash it out because there's no opportunities available for me. Anybody could please help me out on how can I increase my chances to avail for more paid opportunities? Your help and advice is greatly appreciated... Thanks my friends!

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