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Happy New Year!

This New Year, it is now time to unfold new horizons and realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength and faith within you, to rejoice in simple pleasures and to gear up for a new and exciting challenges... Wishing you all a truly fulfilling New Year!

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

When New Year approaches, we often start searching for the best New Year’s resolution ideas. It's a time for us to look back and reminisce the things that we have done from the past and more importantly, we look forward for the good and better things for the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes that we want or we need to make and resolve and follow through on those changes. There are many common goals that we want to set before a new year begins. Some of the most popular New Year’s resolution that we want to do specially for stay-at-home moms like me is we want to lose weight, we want start a healthy diet, do some fitness and exercise, and of course we want to earn more "moolahs" from blogging. When setting a new goal, it’s essential for us to create a plan of action. The achievement process of a new year’s resolution takes commitment. There are often serious life changes involved and there must be a detailed plan for the process of how to achieve a s

Traveling During Peak Holiday Seasons

Who doesn't want a family vacation? of course we all want to have it since it is a perfect opportunity for us to have some time to relax from the stress of our everyday life. But one thing that is difficult to escape however, is the crowds.When we travel to popular destinations during peak season, though we may find ourselves enjoying the sights, sounds and attractions of an area, but often, we can't avoid the crowds, the lines and the vacation stress of peak season. During peak holiday seasons, the airlines and hotels inflate their prices because of the heavy rush. Unluckily, we cannot travel when we want because of our work obligations and we get holidays at the same time as everyone else. This results in heavy rush and inflated prices. But there are many ways which can help you to travel to and return from the famous places during peak period without paying raised holiday fares. You can plan your journey in advance. Be a contrary traveler and save money on airfares. In thi

When Moodiness Strikes

My daughter will show off her best cutie poses on camera. ^_^ More of wacky wordless photos only here on  Wordless Wednesday

Caring For Our Eyes

Our eyes are one of the most important organ in our body and vision is one of the most wonderful gift that God had given us. We should feel grateful as some people might not be having the chance to see the beauty of the world.However , nowadays we can see that many people have already neglected in taking care of their eyes. I admit that I am one of them. I started wearing eyeglasses when I was 23. I am 27 now and I am still wearing eyeglasses and just recently, I started wearing those disposable contact lenses. I am having a blurry vision where I can't see people's faces from afar and even those huge words written on signage's and billboards. I am always exposed to computer every day. I'm always facing my computer monitor for almost 24 hours. Thus, I end up having this blurry vision problem. I know that most people who are doing works in front of computer every day also ends up having some eye problems. If you are working in front of your computer for longer

Free Blogspot Templates for Your Blog

Are you looking for a fresh new blogger template for your blog? You have found just the right place to search at blogspot templates because they have an extensive gallery of only the best blog themes  where you get them absolutely for free. They also have a large collection of various blogger templates and sorted them by page features so you can easily preview any template that you like. Feel free to browse through their various collections of free blogspot templates and start changing your blogs theme for that fresh new look that also best suits your personality and style.

Happy Christmas! ^_^

We were invited by our family friend to visit their home the night before we had our Noche Buena but hubby and I wasn't able to come since both of us were busy preparing for our food and at the same were still managing our business at that time since we still have lots of customers. We just permitted our daughter to visit them since they have a surprise gift for her. So here she is... Sydelle was so excited for dinner! :) She's even more excited to open up the gifts . She thought that all of these gifts are for her. lol!  This is my Happy Christmas red entry for Ruby Tuesday Happy Holidays everyone!

I Need a Pair of Contact Lenses

I have decided to go to an optometrist hopefully by tomorrow to get a pair of contact lenses. I just can't take having this blurry vision anymore. It's getting worst everyday. Although I have my eyeglasses but I only used it every time I go online. I find it very distracting since I am not used in wearing it anytime. It's such a shame where I can't clearly see people's faces from afar and even those huge words from signboards and printed ads. I need my eyes examined and fitted by an optometrist so I can get my prescription. Perhaps I need a contact lens eye exam where an optometrist will examine the health and vision of my eyes . I hope I can get a trial pair of contact lenses to try out so I could check them for fitting. I need to get a lens that could give me a better vision which will also fit comfortably in my eyes.I hope I could find the perfect pair soon. 

The Most Significant Bloggable Event that Happened to Me

Sir Winston of Batang Yagit is hosting a generous Christmas Giveaway which is sponsored by his best bud Jehzreel Laurente of Jehzlau Concepts. I would like to join his amazing contest this very last minute of his give away by answering this question "What is the most significant bloggable event that happened to you in 2010?"   Before I discovered the world of blogging back in 2009, Ive been selling items in Ebay and I'm so thankful to God because I am earning money out from my old, used and even junk items like my shoes, bags, jeans, accessories and even my personal gadgets like mobile phones, digicam, mp4 and many others. I am also thankful to God that I do have a 100% positive feedbacks from my buyers. So that means that people really do trust me. There are many scammers online but I feel so blessed that people are putting their trust on me based on my feedback reputation. I had actually made a lot of money out of it that’s why I consider selling items in

Beach Outing

We had our family beach outing right after Christmas day. It was a fun filled day for me and my mini me as we enjoyed playing in the sand and went swimming together. More of precious photos of mommy and kids only here on  Hosted by Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?

Make Positive Changes Out From Your Meal Diet

We cannot live without eating that's why we must eat in order to survive. This means that if food is a problem in our life, then we must find a healthier way of viewing food. In order to have real success we must make a lifestyle change. It is a great way that we will be able to shed those unwanted pounds without experiencing the horrible guilt that so many dieters go through with their diets. Did you know that I am on a diet right now? I actually started last October and I'm glad that I've seen some improvements and positive changes out from my meal diet. I only eat 1 cup of rice once a day. Bread, biscuits, noodles or pasta serves as my rice alternative. I also avoid eating sweets and drinking soft drinks. I have a sweet tooth and I am such a chocoholic and a soft drinker but Ive set a goal for myself. I keep it realistic and I always look forward for my fitness and for dropping off some pounds. I changed my way of eating. I changed my way of seeing food and I am glad

Free Beauty Samples

Have you tried getting free beauty samples whenever you came across free sample offers from shopping stores or beauty shops? If you haven’t, you may want to think about doing so, as there are a number of benefits to requesting free beauty samples such as makeup, perfume, skincare creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, so on and so forth. One of the benefits is of course you can get them for free and you can easily find the available products if ever you may want to purchase it. You can also use the internet to find free beauty samples by visiting free product sample websites. What is nice about visiting a free product sample website is that you will not only find links to free beauty samples, but you can also find a wide range of other sample types including books, movies, food, baby products and more.

Table for Five is Now Officially Adopted By Yours Truly

It's officially confirmed! I am now the new proud mommy of Ate Vernz food and culture blog, Table for Five . Ate Vernz profession as a Teacher has been so very busy with her work lately and she's been loaded with lots of tasks and assignments from school. So she asked me if I could handle her blog since she doesn't have time to update it. Ate Vernz is such a dear friend, Teacher and Ate of mine... how can I say no? lol! I sincerely thanked Ate Vernz for trusting me in turning over her blog to me. I have now an instant food blog! Yipee! Thanks so much Ate Vernz! Don't worry, your blog will be under my love and care.  She will be in these good and gentle hands of mine. ^_^ So, to all my dear followers and friends, I hope you could also add these newly adopted blog of mine in your blog list, Table For Five, with url . I can't think of a new name for this blog this time, but whatever it is, I hope you could also follow and support this blog. T

Why Christmas is for Children?

                                           It was said that since it's the birth of baby Jesus as a gift to mankind that gave rise to Christmas, then children should also be the primary focus of the season. Most families will say they have always put children first and parents will sacrifice seeking their desires at Christmas to make sure their children are satisfied. I actually agree on that, how about you my fellow dear parents? I believe that toys plays a significant role at Christmas for children. It helps them develop their imagination and other skills.Toys can also help children to play together and learn to share with others. I also believe that children are the focus of Christmas celebrations because it is important to create fond childhood memories. The story of our Lord Jesus Christ about sharing, giving and doing kind deeds for others can also help to build a good character and set a moral foundation that teaches our children to have an empathy and compassion during

Eating Heartily but Consciously

I'm sure all of us had a sumptuous dinner after having our Noche Buena and I know there are still lots of foods left from our fridge. Hearty indulgence in the many foods shared at Christmas therefore doesn't produce the same feelings of guilt. Nevertheless, its not a pleasant thought to start the New Year carrying any extra pounds. So why then eat yourself into a resolution to take off a few extra pounds if you can smartly avoid it? Well, believe it or not but I actually applied it. I am on a diet right now despite of all those tempting yummy foods we have. We still have so many left over foods here . Ive been so conscious about my weight lately and I don't like to look like a barrel anymore since I find it hard to wear my clothes and I'm so sick and tired of  hearing all those negative compliments from people who knew me when I was still skinny chick. lol! I knew that one of the reasons why I gained a lot of weight is because of overindulgence on foods that's why

Merry Christmas!

I would like to take this opportunity to greet my dear followers,  readers and visitors a very Merry Christmas! I hope you’re spending the holiday season with your family, friends and loved ones. Remember to always count your blessings and be thankful for everything you have.Take some time to pause, reflect and share some love to the people that mean most to your life, for they are the ones that truly make your life rich. Let the spirit of love gently fill our hearts and our homes.  In this loveliest of seasons may all of you find many reasons to celebrate happiness. Have a Happy and Merry Christmas everyone!  ^_^

What's on Your Table for Noche Buena?

Christmas is right around the corner and for us, it is a long and joyful preparations as our family will gather together tonight on Christmas eve where we share a humble feast of the most anticipated dinner of every year which is the Noche Buena. It is a great celebration that occupies the spotlight of every Filipino home. With celebrations stretching well into the next day and sometimes even longer, Pinoys go all out to make sure there is more than enough food for everyone. Noche buena is also an opportunity for family get together where some families will hold grand reunions of extended family clan members. For our family, we only prepare a simple meal such as grilled pork and fish, lechon manok, sinigang na baboy, pancit bihon, and desserts which includes cake, mango float, drinks and other sweets. How about you? What's on your table for tonight's Noche Buena?

Last Minute Shopping

I usually wake up late in the morning but since I have to buy some foods to prepare for our noche buena tonight, I woke up early today to avoid the holiday rush. But to my surprise when I was still riding on a passenger utility vehicle, a huge traffic jam came along my way. When I arrived at the shopping store, too many crowded people were already there. Gosh! it was still quarter to 7am. Most of them where busy looking, choosing and buying for food at the wet market section. Some were even busy buying for gifts and presents. Nothing will frustrate you more than going to the malls at the busiest days of the week during the busiest hours of the day. You'll spend more time finding parking, you'll spend more time trying to find a sales clerk to help you and you'll spend more time standing in line to check out. For shoppers who are still needing to go out on Christmas Eve to find those final last minute gift items and take advantage of those last minute deals, well you will

Beach Fun!

Ti's the season to be jolly and have some fun my fellow Girl Talkers! Aside from shopping and eating outside, going to the beach is one the places that I love to hang out with. It serves as my stress reliever from the hustle and bustle of my everyday busy life as a full time stay-at-home mom and as an entrepreneur as well. The sunny, cool and breezy air... oh! that would make me feel so relaxed! Though I actually don't like swimming at the beach during day time because I don't want to get dark since I am already dark lol! I just love walking around while taking some nice shots of those wonderful views at the beach. Jump Up! with my sis in law semi-stolen shot daw! lol Sydelle with her sexy Lola :)  I am actually excited this coming Sunday because were gonna be at the beach for our family bonding together with our fellow church members.  Weeeeee! I can't wait! I'm sure its gonna be a FUN! FUN! FUN day! 

Save Money When You Purchase Damaged Goods

If you are handy with repairs, then purchasing damaged goods could be a great way for you to get a bargain price on the products you really want. I am a bargain hunter and I usually buy those sales on damaged items such as clothes and shoes. Some damages of clothes I bought was those with stains, torn or old stocks. With just a little handy repair and washes, I absolutely save a lot of money on it. If you take the time to look at damaged goods in a different perspective, you will find that they offer you significant savings. Since most retail stores offer customers a generous return policy it is very likely they have several items you are looking for that have been damaged while on display or returned by a customer due to damage. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help you get the items you want at a very good price.

Church Thanksgiving & Christmas Party 2010

We had a blast and fun Sunday as we celebrated our Church Thanksgiving and Christmas Party. God is really good because He is moving in such a powerful way on the lives of many people here in our place. We enjoyed our celebration as we give thanks and praises to God. We also had an awesome Christmas Party and everybody was happy and excited to open up their gifts. There were lots of foods,fun games, prizes and surprises and we all enjoyed it. Thank you Lord for all you've done! All the Glory and Honor belongs to You. Me singing while leading the praise and worship  Bon Apetit! Happy Faces! Ruby Tuesday

Looking for Coupons and Deals?

Do you use coupons when you're out shopping for grocery, clothing and other things? That's great! because you can really save money by using these local coupons. You should even try to use more of them if that's possible, and that's probably possible since most grocery stores and also some other shops offer coupons to their loyal customers. An easy way to find coupons is by visiting coupon and deals websites.  If you are looking for hot deals, coupon code promotions, local grocery coupons on shopping items and electronic gadgets, then you should definitely visit daily deals today because their site is updated on a daily basis. There are hand picked hot deals to save you money. It provides services for consumers like us by providing a wide variety of coupons which can help save money and time. So why don't you check it out now and start shopping while saving!

What's on My Christmas Wishlist?

Christmas is a time of giving, family and love. There are many things that we all wish for Christmas, some are non materials but most of us are wishing for the material things that we like and we want to have. This year I also have some pretty decent things that I love to have not only for myself but also for the benefit of others. So what's on My Top 5 Christmas Wishlist this year? 1. Laptop  I have been wishing for a new lappy since I never owned one ever in my entire life! All I have here is these old BenQ laptop which was given as a gift by my mom's ex-hubby. Just take a look on how old, how ugly and how rusty looking it is. He bought it second hand from his friend and then he gave it to me. So just imagine I am already the third hand user and my mom got divorced for several years now. Geez! It has so many disabilities, flaws, and problems already.  Since I can't afford to buy a new one, did you know that I keep on joining several contests online where

PSP as Christmas gift for your Kids

It pays to shop ahead to buy Christmas gifts for your kids so that you can relax and unwind on Christmas Eve knowing that you can give them a gift that they will love the next day during Christmas Day. If you are not sure what to give them, there are some gifts that work really well for a lot of kids and these ideas will allow you to shop with ease. Video games are one of the most popular gifts with kids these days since they just love playing video games . If you don’t want to give the gift away by asking what games they already have, then consider buying a gift card to a video game store where kids  can buy the game they want to play. Moreover,a Playstation Portable or PSP is an all-in-one entertainment system on the go where you can play games, music and movies. You can also view your photos and even browse the internet with Wi-Fi. With so many features, buying PSP Christmas gift for your kids is a good choice, what do you think?

Young Men

Here are some of our energetic and young men from our church. We are so thankful to God because they are all active in doing God's work. They used their talent and skills such as playing guitar, drums and even do the back up singing for our Praise and Worship service. I know God will surely reward them for they are doing what is good His glory and honor.  This is my Male entry for this week's theme from Photo Hunt . Happy Weekend Guys!

A Blogging Community for Mommy Bloggers

Calling all my fellow mommy bloggers, if you want to get involved with product reviews, giveaways, and other opportunities, is a great place to get started. It is a web service that connects women bloggers that includes us mommy bloggers with the public relations and marketing professionals who issue the news and promote the products that women care about most. It's time for our blog to be heard since we are passionate, creative and diverse who is always looking to connect with marketing pros to receive news, contest and giveaway opportunities, sales and promotional codes, and other great company news where we could also share it with our readers. With the help of this blogging community , getting our blog noticed by the companies whose products and services we review on can open doors for sponsorships, advertisers, and access to promotional giveaways and contests for our readers, as well as it can help us to have an access to the latest news announcements, review s

Healthy Drinking Water

There’s nothing more important than keeping our body’s health, that is why when it comes to the water we drink we have to make sure that we are only getting the cleanest and purest water available. One good way to ensure that the water we drink is by installing a sink water filter. Having a healthy filtered water readily available right in your kitchen tap is very convenient and makes you feel secured without worrying from health problems from dirty water. In reality, our tap water contains many chemical substances that can cause many diseases such as diarrhea and other intestinal problems. Installing a good under sink water filter will give you peace of mind and assurance that the water you drink is healthy and free from unwanted toxic chemicals and contaminants. If you value your health so much and you care about other people, it’s a must to install an under sink water filter and stop throwing away empty plastic water bottles.

$3,500+ Christmas Give away from Jaypee Online

Jaypee of Jaypee Online is having another awesome Christmas Give away as he shares his blessings to others. This is also his way of thanking his readers and followers for their loyal support to his blog. Jaypee, together with his generous and supportive sponsors is giving away $3,500+ worth of prizes which includes premium WordPress themes, premium WordPress plugin, web hosting, domains, cash and many more.  I want to join this contest because I need a premium Wordpress themes and plug ins from my other blog, My Daily Notes which is self-hosted in Wordpress. My self hosted blog really needs a blog make over and I still need some tips and tutorials on how to use Wordpress since this is my first time in using this kind of blogging platform. PRIZES AT STAKE: 1st Prize 1-year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO ($324) 1 Pro-Plus package from StudioPress ($249.95) 1 Developer Theme Package from WooThemes ($150) 1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69) 1-year Freedom-CDN Plan from WP Webhost ($120)

My Payment Proofs from Paid Opps

I greatly thanked God for all the blessings He had given me these days specially on all those successive payments that I recently received from Paid to Blog sites that Ive joined. I consider these as my Christmas Bonus! Yippee! Now I can buy some special gifts for my loved ones, for my extended family , for my godchildren and for our fellow church members. I am happy and contended of what I have right now. So this time, I want to share my blessings to others. That's what Christmas is all about right? ^_^  Anyway, here are my payment proofs:  5th payment from Blogsvertise 10th payment from Inpostlinks My one time payment from Sponsored Reviews  My first and last payment from Social Spark V1

My First and Last Payment from Social Spark V1

My special thanks to Mommy Kat of Mom’s Place because if not with her post about her payment received from Social Spark V1, I would not be able to cash out my earnings too. I never know that SocialSpark v1 has officially been retired and it was replaced by the new SocialSpark v2. I'm glad that Social Spark V1 has been releasing funds to all their members, even if the earnings did not reach the minimum payout amount which is $50.00. I have $32.50 in my account so I immediately sent a message to their customer support yesterday requesting for my cash out and voila! I received it today. Wow! that was fast! It was actually my first and my last payment. I only receive few opportunities that's why it took me months to earn some money from them. Well, I hope that the new version of Social Spark will offer more paid opportunities for me. :) Thanks again Mommy Kat for the info and to Social Spark!

Back in Wearing Eyeglasses

These prescription eyeglasses of mine has been with me for more than 3 years now but I seldom use it. I'm not getting used in wearing eyeglasses because I find it uncomfortable to wear and I am also worried that my daughter might break it. She loves to make fun while playing with me and she loves to try wearing my eyeglasses too when she sees me using it. Gosh! these eyeglasses its quite expensive that's why I just kept it in my closet. I bought these special computer eyeglasses because I used to have a dry, irritated and watery eyes when I stayed for several hours in front of my computer. I always face computers every day. Why? because aside from my personal pc, I am also staying while managing at our server from our internet shop. Not only that, I also roam around and check out our client pc's specially when one of our customers are asking for assistance. I am also the one who does the encoding, editing and other services. For several years that Ive been doing this, my

Getting A Good Cookware Set

Choosing a cookware саn bе a very challenging task because there аrе many types аnd each hаѕ іtѕ οwn unique properties. Bу knowing ѕοmе basic things аbοut thеm, it саn hеlр уοu іn mаkіng better decisions οn buying cookwares. Durability іѕ a main concern іn choosing cookware аnd thе well lονеd stainless steel cookware іѕ considered as a great buy. Othеr thаn thаt, іt іѕ аlѕο the corrosion resistant аnd wіth simple maintenance, іt саn retain іtѕ lustrous look fοr a long time. Thіѕ аlѕο mаkеѕ іt a safe cookware whеrе уοu саn prepare dishes whісh requires long period οf heating. An аll round flexibility, usability аnd price, stainless steel wοuld bе a better сhοісе. If heating іѕ a main concern fοr уοu, copper wіth coatings is recommended. Otherwise, fοr saving money, aluminum wіth additional metal content іѕ аlѕο ехсеllеnt.

Which Lenovo IdeaPad laptop Are You?

Lenovo IdeaPad offers an exciting collection of stylish notebooks that will surely fits your personality and lifestyle. You can even check out their website that offers suggestions for best laptop that personally suit your needs. Among all the Lenovo IdeaPad netbooks around, the Pink Lenovo Ideapad S10 describes me the most. Why? because these pastel pink netbook is not only a useful gadget for me but can also be looked as a fashion statement. As a certified pink lover, I can easily match these netbook from my personality who loves being trendy, fashionable and practical at the same time. This chic little netbook serves as my computing sidekick which makes a seamless fit of my life both for business and for pleasure. I can truly enjoy all the perks of these netbook because it offers internet access anytime, anywhere with ultra portable convenience. The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 is definitely designed for my convenience and ease of use in mind. It is loaded with standard features plus cool

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Do you have a hard time looking for a Christmas gift for your boyfriend, husband or male friends? As enjoyable as shopping is for me and for some people, but it could be very frustrating for others, especially if you are unfamiliar with the person's likes and dislikes. The best way to make sure the men in your life will love the gifts they receive is to shop by interest. Think about what they like and then shop around the activity or hobby. There are a number of choices that are common items when considering gifts for men. Some of my few simple suggestions are sports items, Movies and Television series, electronics or gadgets, tools, clothing, watches and shoes. Buying Christmas gifts for men does not need to be difficult, frustrating or stress filled. You can start searching for items from these various categories. There is sure to be a gift that will be sure to please him.

A Relaxing Getaway!

It's essential for us to enjoy a break to relieve ourselves from pressure. Nothing is better than to be able to ease off that tension and lots of loads from work that's why it is necessary for us to take a vacation because it doesn’t only rejuvenate our body but it also maintains our system as well as our well-being healthier. Given all these information, picking the perfect place to go for that supreme getaway is without a doubt a tough determination. Javea Holiday Villas may be the ideal location for you. It does not only features excellent amenities but it also provides you with that experience of good wellness. It  gives you an ideal destination for that much awaited Spanish villa holiday. From aquatic sports to beach front activities to golf and taking in the sights, anything is found here. Be it a relaxing getaway or a family retreat. By spending your time in the famous Javea Holiday Villas, you’ll be certain your money will be well spent but that your vacation and tim

10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop

I have been wishing for a new lappy since I never owned one ever in my entire life! All I have here is this old BenQ laptop which was given as a gift by my mom's ex-hubby. Just take a look on how old, how ugly and how rusty looking it is. He bought it second hand from his friend and then he gave it to me. So just imagine I am already the third hand user and my mom got divorced for several years now. Geez! It has so many disabilities, flaws, and problems already. How I wish I could have this Lenovo IdeaPad G460 which is one of the first few Core i3 laptops available in the local market today. And if ever I could own this one, I have thought up of so many fun and enjoyable things that I can do with this cool lappy. 1. With its top-notch wifi technology, I can surf the net anywhere! Though Ive been blogging for a year already but I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging because I usually run out of topic to write.  It would be a good idea if I could go out an