10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop

I have been wishing for a new lappy since I never owned one ever in my entire life! All I have here is this old BenQ laptop which was given as a gift by my mom's ex-hubby. Just take a look on how old, how ugly and how rusty looking it is. He bought it second hand from his friend and then he gave it to me. So just imagine I am already the third hand user and my mom got divorced for several years now. Geez! It has so many disabilities, flaws, and problems already.

How I wish I could have this Lenovo IdeaPad G460 which is one of the first few Core i3 laptops available in the local market today. And if ever I could own this one, I have thought up of so many fun and enjoyable things that I can do with this cool lappy.

1. With its top-notch wifi technology, I can surf the net anywhere! Though Ive been blogging for a year already but I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging because I usually run out of topic to write.  It would be a good idea if I could go out and explore my surroundings so I can gather some ideas. Writing blog posts every day would be easier for me when Lenovo Laptop is here with me.

2. I love taking pictures of myself, my family and all those beautiful scenery and views. Before I upload them to my social sites, I usually save all my files in my pc. With its HUGE 320GB hard disk space, I can definitely save ALL my photos even those ugly looking shots that shouldn't be uploaded online. Teehee! I just love looking back all those memorable photos specially those oldies goodies from the past. I wanted this Lenovo Laptop to be my treasure in saving all those beautiful and precious moments with my family.

3. I can let my hubby play with my Lenovo lappy! He is a certified gaming addict and with its powerful NVidia GeForce 310M video card, now he can play with his favorite online MMORPG games where ever he goes. I'm sure he will definitely love it because Lenovo G460 features a high-end graphics card which provides an excellent viewing of video, animations, games, and more. The images pumped through the NVIDIA graphics card come out on the screen in crisp detail and with near-flawless color. Wow! isn't that amazing?

4. I am into buying and selling items online. Now I can easily keep track of the items I bought and sold. It would be easier for me to contact my buyer who recently purchased an item from me and the same time, I can also get in touch with the seller whom I purchased an item with.

5. Now I can watch some DVD marathons of my favorite series and movies! Just in time since we recently bought a used LCD projector for such a low and bargain price and since we don't have an LCD TV a Lenovo Laptop is absolutely  a perfect pair to connect with the LCD projector so we can watch it in a full, huge and clear view just like in a cinema!

                                Now tell me how cool and how fun it would be? ^_^

6. Music is my LIFE! My mom said that I am a natural-born singer and I inherited my hidden talent from her. lol! I am actually the Worship leader of our church music team and every Saturday we usually have a band practice. It would be so exciting if we could have a music recording using Lenovo's HDMI and VGA ports, headphone/microphone jacks and more! It would help us in correcting and improving our every performance because we can immediately check out our music recording with the great help of Lenovo.

7. With its fast connecting wifi ability, I can surf the net at any hot spots easily! I really want to try surfing using my own lappy at my favorite coffee shops, resto and cafe. But how can I try? I can't bring my oldie lappy at my favorite hang out place because aside from the fact that its big, bulky and heavy, it will never turn on until you plug it in an electrical outlet. Why? because it has a short battery life. I can't find a battery for this oldie lappy of mine since this kind of laptop has already been phased out a few centuries ago. Gosh! That's why I would be happy if I could bring this Lenovo lappy while I dine or take some refreshments outside because I am proud show its sleek design, strong frame, and a durable look which is indeed pleasing to the eye.

8. I can download more and more movies and songs for my collection! Why not? With Lenovo's huge storage space where users can opt for a 5400-RPM hard drive in 250GB, 320GB, or 500GB that should be more than enough to store all of my favorite movies and music!

9. When creativity strikes in me, I would like to dress up my new Lenovo lappy with these colorful flowery laptop skin! I want to create a unique look that would best suits my colorful and witty personality. Isn't that looks cool and fun?

10. There are still many fun and enjoyable things that I can do with this New Lenovo Laptop. I am hoping and praying that I can have one of these. My daughter recently wrecked our DVD player and right now she's been using my poor oldie lappy day and night. I can only use it when she already falls asleep late in the evening.

Gosh! If only Lenovo G460 is here, I could spend my time doing my stuffs online all day and all night, anywhere and every where because I know that I would truly enjoy premium entertainment with these one of a kind multimedia laptop.

Lenovo is definitely my fun to be with lover and companion!

This is my official entry to the Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Giveaway from Yugatech contest.

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