Back in Wearing Eyeglasses

These prescription eyeglasses of mine has been with me for more than 3 years now but I seldom use it. I'm not getting used in wearing eyeglasses because I find it uncomfortable to wear and I am also worried that my daughter might break it. She loves to make fun while playing with me and she loves to try wearing my eyeglasses too when she sees me using it. Gosh! these eyeglasses its quite expensive that's why I just kept it in my closet.

I bought these special computer eyeglasses because I used to have a dry, irritated and watery eyes when I stayed for several hours in front of my computer. I always face computers every day. Why? because aside from my personal pc, I am also staying while managing at our server from our internet shop. Not only that, I also roam around and check out our client pc's specially when one of our customers are asking for assistance. I am also the one who does the encoding, editing and other services. For several years that Ive been doing this, my eyes was severely affected so I end up having a Computer Vision Syndrome.

Right now, I noticed that its getting worse. I can't clearly see people's faces even if its just near with me. The more I can't clearly see those letters or words from billboards and other signage's. I think its time for me to wear these eyeglasses anytime and anywhere I go. However, I am still opting to try those graded contact lenses. I have to ask for my optometrist for the best recommendation and advice she can give to me.

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