I Need a Pair of Contact Lenses

I have decided to go to an optometrist hopefully by tomorrow to get a pair of contact lenses. I just can't take having this blurry vision anymore. It's getting worst everyday. Although I have my eyeglasses but I only used it every time I go online. I find it very distracting since I am not used in wearing it anytime. It's such a shame where I can't clearly see people's faces from afar and even those huge words from signboards and printed ads.

I need my eyes examined and fitted by an optometrist so I can get my prescription. Perhaps I need a contact lens eye exam where an optometrist will examine the health and vision of my eyes . I hope I can get a trial pair of contact lenses to try out so I could check them for fitting. I need to get a lens that could give me a better vision which will also fit comfortably in my eyes.I hope I could find the perfect pair soon. 

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