I'm Starting to Like Wordpress

I just had a successful transfer yesterday from my other blog My Daily Notes to a self-hosted Wordpress blog. It is my domain blog which was hosted here in Blogspot. The migration process took around 72 hours but it was worth the wait. Right now I really need a Beginners Guide for WordPress since I want to learn how WordPress works from the most basic instructions to the more complicated. I hope you could also help me out guys specially to those who are already using this kind of blogging platform. I hope you could share your advice to help beginners like me to understand how to use WordPress. 

I just made a few posts there and I was so surprised that  I already  received a lot of  heartwarming comments and compliments from my visitors. I noticed that most of them are from Wordpress. They all love my blog and my posts. They even want me to write some more. Wow! I can't believe that I do have a good writing skills.. hahaha! There are some potential direct advertisers too who wants me to promote their business on my blog. Just imagine that my blog was just transferred yesterday, it has less traffic and it doesn't have any PR yet, but I already have several visitors and followers that's why I am starting to like using WordPress. I am so thankful to Mommy Rubz for helping me out in transferring my blog, for the self-hosting and for the tips and advice.

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