Table for Five is Now Officially Adopted By Yours Truly

It's officially confirmed! I am now the new proud mommy of Ate Vernz food and culture blog, Table for Five. Ate Vernz profession as a Teacher has been so very busy with her work lately and she's been loaded with lots of tasks and assignments from school. So she asked me if I could handle her blog since she doesn't have time to update it. Ate Vernz is such a dear friend, Teacher and Ate of mine... how can I say no? lol!

I sincerely thanked Ate Vernz for trusting me in turning over her blog to me. I have now an instant food blog! Yipee! Thanks so much Ate Vernz! Don't worry, your blog will be under my love and care.  She will be in these good and gentle hands of mine. ^_^

So, to all my dear followers and friends, I hope you could also add these newly adopted blog of mine in your blog list, Table For Five, with url I can't think of a new name for this blog this time, but whatever it is, I hope you could also follow and support this blog.

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays! :)

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