What I Want for Christmas Photo Contest

I recently joined a photo contest going on from Toby's Sports in Facebook. I had a fun shoot at the store a few days ago when I went there. A lot of people are staring at me. Who cares? they don't know me and I don't care what they say. lol!

The contest is all about choosing an item that I like from their store . I'm glad that Toby's sports has a branch store here in our city that's why I had able to take a photo of my dream item. If I will be chosen as one of the winners, I'm gonna take home my dream item. I had chosen this hot pink Fila shoes because it also looks so pretty and cool and its just perfect for my fitness exercise.

The contest will end on Wednesday so wish me luck guys! ^_^

I'm also linking the cool blue thought balloon saying "What I Want for Christmas!" as entry for Smiling Sally's Blue Monday

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