What's Keeping Me Busy?

It's been a hurried busy days for me specially now that we are going to celebrate our church Thanksgiving and Christmas Party. I am the Treasurer who's also in charge for  the marketing, budgeting and expenses and at the same time I am also  the organizer of the program. Aside from that, we are also busy practicing for our Praise and Worship songs. As the worship leader of our church, it is my responsibility to choose the songs that were gonna have to sing for the Church service. We are also busy practicing for some special numbers and presentations for our party.

Aside from my busy world offline, I am also busy online. What's keeping me busy? Well, it is not actually from my paid opps in blogging since I don't have  many paid opps this time but I'm busy in joining several contests and give aways from blogs, websites and specially in Facebook. There are a lot of contests going on this time. Some of them has an easy mechanics that's why I did not hesitate to join and try my luck. If I will win on those cool contests Ive joined, it would be a great Christmas gift for me. Teehee! so wish my luck guys! :)

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