What's on My Christmas Wishlist?

Christmas is a time of giving, family and love. There are many things that we all wish for Christmas, some are non materials but most of us are wishing for the material things that we like and we want to have. This year I also have some pretty decent things that I love to have not only for myself but also for the benefit of others.

So what's on My Top 5 Christmas Wishlist this year?

1. Laptop 

I have been wishing for a new lappy since I never owned one ever in my entire life! All I have here is these old BenQ laptop which was given as a gift by my mom's ex-hubby. Just take a look on how old, how ugly and how rusty looking it is. He bought it second hand from his friend and then he gave it to me. So just imagine I am already the third hand user and my mom got divorced for several years now. Geez! It has so many disabilities, flaws, and problems already. 

Since I can't afford to buy a new one, did you know that I keep on joining several contests online where the prizes at stake are notebooks and laptops? Well I'm hoping and praying that I could win it because if ever I won, the laptop will also be used for our church since we recently bought a digital light processing (LCD projector) for the congregation to easily see the lyrics of the songs  being played every time we have our Praise and Worship service.

2.  Laptop again

Why? because just like what Ive said before, this is also for the benefit of others. I would like to give it as a gift for our Church Pastor. It has been his desire to own a personal laptop because he needs it for his preaching message every Sunday since he can easily find many ideas and helpful information online for gospel and sermon outlines.

3. Acoustic Guitar

I'm actually a beginner in playing guitar. My hubby taught me some of the basic chords and I'm glad that I had able to play some simple Christian songs . I can't practice often since I don't have my own guitar. I only use the guitar from our church. Right now, our church acoustic guitar was also getting over used that's why it also needs a new replacement. I hope and pray that God will provide this instrument too.

4. Music player

Music has been a part of my life since I started serving God. I used my talent in singing and as the worship leader of  our church , we always have our band practice every Saturday in preparation for our Praise and worship service. We try to practice some new songs every week. I usually download the songs from my mp4 player but I can't save them all because of its low memory space. I wish I could have these Ipod music player since it has a huge space storage and has a  longer battery life. 

5. Wireless Microphone

I am huge fan of Charice and I noticed that she's been using this special wireless microphone with patented Swarovski crystals every time she have her performance. I wish I could also have my very own personalized wireless microphone too so I could use it every Sunday while I lead the Praise and Worship service in our church.

Well, these things is not just my wish but it is my desire and I pray for it that God will provide all these things. I just leave them all to God and let Him do something surprising with it. I have no expectations of what He will do and I don't make demands on Him. I just let Him do it His way, because I know that the results will be better than I could ever imagine. ^_^

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