What's on Your Table for Noche Buena?

Christmas is right around the corner and for us, it is a long and joyful preparations as our family will gather together tonight on Christmas eve where we share a humble feast of the most anticipated dinner of every year which is the Noche Buena. It is a great celebration that occupies the spotlight of every Filipino home. With celebrations stretching well into the next day and sometimes even longer, Pinoys go all out to make sure there is more than enough food for everyone. Noche buena is also an opportunity for family get together where some families will hold grand reunions of extended family clan members.

For our family, we only prepare a simple meal such as grilled pork and fish, lechon manok, sinigang na baboy, pancit bihon, and desserts which includes cake, mango float, drinks and other sweets. How about you? What's on your table for tonight's Noche Buena?

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