The Angel of My Domain Blogs

For a newbie user of Wordpress like me, I could not continue using Wordpress without the help of my Angel. She is such a very kind and helpful person. Although I think she did not noticed me before but Ive seen and noticed her way back a long time ago when we were still young, skinny and sexy... lol! She used to go to our i-cafe together with her best friend who is also our family friend. One thing that we share something in common is we have the same faith that's why when I saw her again here in the blogging world, it was easy for me to get along with her.

I became an avid follower and reader of her blogs. I even joined the Summer Swimsuit Give away before from her Pinay Mommy Online blog where I won a tictoc T-shirt and a butterfly mini-dress. I also joined her Free Domain Names May 2010 Give away and luckily I won. This is where my My Daily Notes blog was born. After a few months, I finally decided to self-host this blog to Wordpress with the help of course of my Mommy Angel. Since I am new into Wordpress, I keep on asking her about anything that I don't understand. I don't know if she gets annoyed with me since I'm so "makulit" hehehe...

Ive been blessed recently because I won several free hosting and free domains from contests and give aways that Ive joined. One of my newly added blog was my Fashionably Trendy blog. I asked my Mommy Angel to help me set up this blog and let it self-hosted by her. Another blessing came in when she gave me a free info domain, the Shield of Victory blog for our church. She did all the set up, the transferring and everything for FREE! Gosh! No words could ever express how much could I thanked her for all the help she did to me.

So to you my Mommy Angel,  I just wanted to thank you for being such a good friend. You are always around when I need you.  I appreciate that more than you know. Thank you again for being such a great person and wonderful friend.

I'm also excited to see you again soon when you get back here in CDO... Weeeeeee!

Oh! and by the way, I'm posting this thankful message for Nostalgia this week where I reminisce and appreciate the things that Mommy Rubz did to me. ^_^


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