Another New Blog Coming Up!

Now that I won a .com/.net/.org domain of my choice which was sponsored by Jehzeel Laurente from's $3,500+ Christmas Giveaway, I am now thinking of adding a new blog. It seems like I'm a "FREE" and lucky blog lady when it comes to domain contests, give aways and even a blog adoption. Why? because my My Daily Notes blog was from The Domain Angel's FREE Domain Name Give away of Mommy Rubz.

Then suddenly I became the new foster mom of Ate Vernz food and culture blog, Table for Five. And now here comes another new blog that I am trying to build up. At this point in time I am now choosing a niche topic for my blog. I remember Mommy Kat told me before when I started to add my 2nd blog that once I started adding a new blog, it will bear another one and I will become addicted in having multiple blogs. Geez! I guess she's right! hahaha!

I think having multiple blogs to promote different kinds of products and services as well as sharing my own thoughts and opinions looks interesting. Although I know it is not easy to maintain several blogs, but hey!did you know that I always make sure to post at least 2 new updates with different topics  from my 3 blogs? so that means I usually write 6 new topics  everyday.Well, what ever it is, I know I can make it because I just simply love blogging about anything and everything that interests me. ^_^

I hope you guys could also follow my new baby bloggie soon!
Thanks so much... 

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