Blessings Received and Shared To Others

I just can't express my happiness and I am so thankful to God for all the good things He has done in my life. I started my new year with lots of prizes and surprises received from online contests and give aways, including my free additional blogs and even lots of surprises that I received from my family and friends.

Starting off from the recent contest where I won a digital camera. I thanked God for this wonderful blessings He had given me. I have been blessed of having the material things that I need and desired with. Since I already have 2 digital cameras with me, I decided to give the other one to our young Pastor because he needs it for their weekly Youth Fellowship for the Campus Ministry.

A month ago, with God's favor and grace, our church bought an LCD projector for such a low price. And since it needs a laptop so that we can place the songs we need for our Praise and Worship Service, I donated my old laptop so we can used it every Sunday for our Divine Service.

I remember a year ago when I also joined a blog contest from Yousaytoo where I received $500 because the admin and the staff of the site was touched by my purpose since I want to donate it for our church so we can buy an additional musical instruments. I actually did not won the contest but Yousaytoo was so kind and generous enough because they grant my heart's desire.

You know guys I am not just blogging for the sake of money but I am also blogging for a purpose. I have this heart of compassion in helping people specially to those who needs help. It could be financially, materially and spiritually. It is my joy of giving back what is more than enough for me that's why when I received an extra blessings, I love to share and give it to others specially when its for God's work and purpose.   ^_^

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