Can We Really Make Easy Money on Ebay?

We've all heard many successful stories of people getting rich online just by selling items in Ebay. I can attest to that because I myself make money on eBay since 2005 and until today, I'm still earning money on it just by selling some of my stuffs. A few weeks ago, I sold our old printer worth $50. I am so happy that at least I am earning money out from my old and used items like my shoes, bags, jeans, accessories and even junked items like computer parts and scraps.

I had actually made a lot of money out of it that’s why I consider selling items in Ebay as one of my primary money maker online. One of my techniques so I can have a good and fast sales is that I usually sell my items in cheaper price and I always make my items free of shipping fee.

Here in the Philippines, our normal shipping rate costs around $5 to $10. It usually depends on the item, how much is your declared value and the location of the item where it has to be delivered. I just include the normal shipping fee to the total price of my item. It usually attracts my buyer to buy an item from me specially when I place a free of shipping ad to the title of my posted item.

Sometimes my buyer wants to meet me in person specially those who are living within our location. I also do it and I am also happy that I had able to make a good business relationship with my buyer so they can keep coming back to buy some more of my items.

Ebay is indeed a good place to get started specially to those who wants to sell their used items online and make money out of it. However, in order for you to become a successful Ebay seller, I recommend you take eBay training courses and learn everything about what the Ebay Power sellers do. Beyond that you'll need to know the proven strategies and techniques in order for you to make money as possible. 

I believe that once you raise your confidence and better understand the broader range of method and ideas, you will be able to achieve the real success on eBay and you will surely be enjoying the journey in making easy money on Ebay.

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