Fully Booked!

One of the reasons why my mom had an early month of holiday for this year is because she wanted to see and witness the Kaamulan festival from our hometown in Bukidnon. It is usually held annually from the second half of February to March 10 that's why she had already booked her flight a few months ago. 

She wants to stay for several days in Bukidnon to spend some time with her long lost friends so she asked help from me if I could make a room reservation. My hometown is quite far away from my city where I'm presently residing with so I decided to make a phone reservation on some hotels and inns there. But I was surprise when I found out that as of this month, all the rooms are fully booked already. 

Although there are some inns who said that they have a vacant room on March 5th, but I was not convinced and I want to make sure that there is a room for us to stay during the festival. Good thing I remembered my cousin who lives from our hometown whom I can easily asked for some favor with. She personally went to make a personal room reservation for us but she confirmed it that its all fully booked. 

Thanked God there is a newly-built apartelle/inn where they is still vacant and available for that date that's why she had able to confirmed our booking for March.Geez! I think its better if we could make a reservation 5 months or even more earlier so we can reserve and stay for the best hotel. Well, its better than nothing, well try to check and see if this new inn will also offer their good service and better amenities too.

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