Getting Ready to Go Daring?

                                      ( My mom wearing her sexy two- piece swimwear )

My family and I are so excited for my mom's holiday next month. She usually spend her holiday here in the Philippines at least once a year. Although this time she only have a 3 weeks holiday, but were so happy that we can spend time with each other even if its just for a short period of time. That's why we always treasure our bonding moments together to enjoy and have fun while she's here with us. 

We usually rent an apartment that is located near the beach because my mom loves to swim almost every morning. I actually don't like swimming at the beach but since my mom wants me to accompany her and I'm sure my daughter would love to go swimming also, I have no choice but to splash and soaked myself too. lol!

My usual problem every time I go swimming is my swimming attire. Although I can wear blouses and shorts since its a local public beach, but sometimes my mom wants to go swimming with me at a nearby swimming pool from a beach hotel. I can dare wearing swimsuits during night time just for our night swimming but my mom loves to go swimming during daytime that's why I need to wear bikini swimsuits or swimwear. Well, I think I can dare to wear sexy swimsuits or perhaps a two-piece this time since I already lose some weight.  I just don't know if it will look good on me. hehehe!

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