I Won and I Learned More About Blogging

Did you know that I don't have any idea what are some of these prizes I had received from Sir Jaypee's Christmas Give away contest? Geez! I'm such a "noob" since most of my prizes were theme packages for Wordpress, programs, applications, free hosting and domain names. I'm getting used in using blogspot that's why I am not yet so familiar with Wordpress even though I already have a self-hosted blog at Wordpress. I am still trying to learn how to use those plug-ins,applications and more.

When the sponsors from Sir Jaypee's contest contacted me so I could immediately start using my prizes and their services , it took me several days to finally decided to used it. Why? because I'm still trying to learn and educate myself what are those programs and products are for and how it will benefit me and my blog.

Some of the prizes I received was the 1-year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO worth ($324). As I checked out the site, it will help in achieving higher search rankings and increase the targeted traffic to my blog as it helps in building quality back links and optimizing my content better and faster.

A coupon code for Pro-Plus package from StudioPress was also given to me and I was so amazed when I saw their professionally beautiful Wordpress themes and designs. I just love these Mocha theme's sophisticated design so I immediately purchased it for my My Daily Notes blog. I can't believe how expensive these kind of professional Wordpress themes are! Just imagine its an All-Theme package worth $249.95 but I got it  all for free! Now my self-hosted has a new look. But I still need to fix it this time since I have to add some widgets and plug ins on it.

Another Theme Package from WooThemes worth ($150) was also my prize where I got to choose 4 themes that I like from their portfolio. A 1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM worth ($69) was also given to me where I can choose a nice business themes for our business. Geez! I think I have to add more  and blogs here. lol!

And speaking of adding more blogs, I think I really need it since I also received a Freedom Plan from WP Webhost worth ($120). WP WebHost is a WordPress hosting plans that are specially optimized to suit the needs for all WordPress users like me.

A Pro Account from Wibiya Web Toolbar worth ($118.80) was also my prize. As usual I don't know about this program so I checked out and learned that Wibiya provides a web toolbar that enables blogs and websites to integrate web applications with tools and features such as facebook and twitter applications, Google Buzz and more.

A Starter Plan from Reinvigorate($100) was added on my list of prizes too. It's an application that features my Blog Stats as well as a Real-time, Active Tracking, and Detailed Visitor Reporting for my blog.

I even have a subscription to Website Monitoring from website-monitoring.com worth($59) where it helps in verifying the quality of the hosting services that I used. According to their service description, they have an immediate notification system that allows us to quickly follow up with our service provider and fix the issue when our website goes down.

Another subscription was also added in my prizes. It's a Privacy Pro worth ($35.95). A privacy protection tool that hides my computer IP address in preventing my surfing habits and my internet activity from being tracked by websites or hackers. I am actually aware of the dangers in threatening my online privacy, and I think this program is the perfect solution for my privacy protection.

And lastly, I have a 1-year domain (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente. Ive been thinking about adding a fashion and shopping blog. I already have a name for my new bloggie. Geez! I need to start from the basics again. I know its not that easy to make a new blog since we need to spend more time in it. But thanks anyway for these awesome prizes I received from Sir Jaypee specially to all his generous sponsors from his give away. It is  indeed a great blessing for a  novice blogger like me as it helps in boosting up my blogging career. Way to go for me this year! Good luck to me and Thanks to all my online friends who are always there to help me whenever I need help.

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