It Was a "Minute Maid" Day!

The Minute Maid Pulp Up Your Blog Contest was the most talked about contest today for bloggers. Ive seen so many blog entries from my blogger friends here and also from Facebook. Who doesn't want to win PHP 20,000.00 for the grand prize and even 10k and 5k for the consolation prizes?

Of course, for a contest junkie and addict like me, I did not hesitate to join the said contest. I was just amused of what I did earlier when I immediately went outside and bought a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange at our nearby store and hurriedly asked my hubby to take a photo of me while holding the bottle. If I only knew about this contest before then I would definitely prepare for my photo shots and poses where I could also choose a nice and better location.

But because I am in hurry since today was also the last day for the submission of blog entries. So I just did some poses here in our bedroom. What made me late in submitting my entry is because of my ugly looking background photos. I wanted to remove the background from my photos but since I don't have a photoshop editor, I was busy looking for another free software where I could edit my photos. I spent several hours of looking and trying but I was not satisfied with the results. Aside from that, I was also trying to gather some ideas on how to write a creative entry for my post. While I was checking out other blog entries, Whoa! I was so amazed on their creative posts and photos.

One of the criteria for judging is also based on the number of comments. Gosh! I hate sending requests and begging for friends just to leave comments for my entry. The Minute Maid admin from Facebook also informs all the participants to make sure all should rack up those comments to earn more points! Waaaaaaaaah! so its like the more comments, the more chances of winning? lol! Well, I think I better leave comments from my friends blog entry for my chance to win a month’s supply of Minute Maid. hahaha!

My blog entry was actually a come what may post. You can check out My Sweet Pulpy Thing entry from my foodie blog Table for Five. Although I'm not expecting to win anything, I just simply enjoyed what I did for this contest. So to all my friends who also joined this contest, just leave your comment here together with your blog entry link so I could visit and also leave a comment love for your entry. Good luck guys! :) 

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