Made to Measure or Ready Made Curtains?

I consider curtains as an amazing decorations for our home. They are also less expensive than blinds and they are easy to install on our windows. We can choose to buy ready made or custom made curtains. Ready made curtains are usually priced lower than made to measure curtains. There are hundreds of designs of these types that are available in malls and you can buy and install curtain easily. There are also a lot of fabric types for ready made curtains and you will definitely find something that will suit your needs and fit your budget.However, custom made curtains are usually manufactured using good quality fabrics. Low priced fabrics are usually thinner than the expensive ones and they may get damaged much faster.

Ready made curtains are usually manufactured, so when it comes to its size, there’s nothing much to choose from. If you have a custom made window, chances are you will have to deal with a set that is either to short or too long for the window. The good thing is long curtains may be repaired to fit the length of your windows. Made to measure curtains are ideal because they are made to perfectly fit your windows. So there’s no need for you to worry about length. You can also choose the type of fabric you can use for your curtains.

My hubby's family business was actually into sewing a custom made curtains.  It has been their family legacy since 1985 in making and sewing huge curtains for hotels, schools, politicians, businessmen, and for rich and famous people here in our city and to other places too.
My  father  in-law does the main job on the planning and preparation,choosing  the  right tracking system or pole, measuring and estimation of the  face  fabric requirements, sewing the curtains and installing it with the help of my hubby.

When we have our own dream house soon, I would definitely choose these kind of custom made curtains because I can choose for the perfect style and design and the colors that I like that could help create unique style and environment for our house where I also feel happy and satisfied about it. 

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