My Laptop's Low Battery Life

I purchased this Acer emachine D732Z laptop a few weeks ago because I donated my old BENQ laptop to our church. My old lappy was actually one of the oldest laptop model. It has a battery problem and I can't bring it anywhere. It's so heavy and I can't use it when it is not plugged in an outlet.

I was actually looking for a pink notebook which can also be fitted in my bag but my hubby suggested that I should look for the good specs, not just the looks and style...blah!blah! So, he was the one who looked for the best laptop available here in our place since I don't know much about those certain specs. Were also looking for a huge LCD screen, with DVD writer/ROM, huge memory, hard disk and video card. So at last, we finally found the right one. 

This Acer emachine D732Z laptop costs P19,995 with free retractable mouse and notebook cooler. We just have to add P500 if we want an installation for the operating system, programs and other applications. Well, my hubby is already an expert on it so we didn't pay for the additional fee.

This is actually my very first laptop. A new, sleek and modern looking laptop. I have no knowledge about laptop's low battery life. I thought that it would last for more than 6 hours but I was surprised when I found out and noticed that it only lasts for about 3 hours and even less than that. I am a such a heavy computer user. I use computer for almost 24 hours! I'm already worried on how long this laptop of mine will last. Every time the low battery sign will appear on my screen, I have to plug the charger so I can continue my online routine.

My laptop's battery already starts to lose its capacity since I always use it and I think after a year or two I might need to get a new battery just to get an hour or two away from an outlet. Any tips and advice that you can share to me my friends on how can I possibly extend my laptop's battery life?

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