My Unexpected Winning from a Pick a Prize Contest!

Last week, I joined a contest from Facebook which was sponsored by Acer laptop and Windows7. It's called a Post Word! Contest where I have to post 1 sentence on the windows7ako Facebook page wall why I want an Acer laptop with Windows7 for New Year.

I just simply followed the instructions from the contest where I have to email windows7 with my registered Facebook email so I can receive my Passcode. I received an email from the windows7 team and I'm so happy that I am qualified to win prizes. I printed out the email and brought it at the participating Acer Concept Store at Gaisano Interpace here in our city.

I actually almost forgot that I joined this contest since I was busy offline but thanked God that I was reminded when I saw the printed email from my desk. It was said from the mechanics that prizes can be picked and claimed within 7 days. Good thing I was able to reach the last day of claiming my prize and that was yesterday when I went to the mall to buy a surprise cake for my brother-in-law.

I dropped by at the Acer Store, presented my printed email and I picked up the prize as I draw it inside the box. The Pick a Prize Item includes ballpen and notebook with Windows7 and Acer Logo in it, a digital photo frame and a Samsung digital camera.

And luckily, I picked up the Samsung ES28 camera! Weeeeh! I think Gaisano Interpace was a lucky computer store for me because I also won an Epson c90 printer before when I attended a gathering and event from all internet cafe operators here in Cagayan de Oro. It was  done in a raffle contest and my name was luckily picked. ^_^

Oh! and by the way, the Acer laptop and Windows7 contest still continues! They are now on its 3rd Week. A pioneer headphones was also added on their prize item so be sure to check it now! Who knows? You might be the next lucky winner like me! 

Check out Windows7ako's contest details HERE.

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