Language Barrier No More

I had these recent chat conversation with my Fil-Swiss half-sister and I was just amused how I am trying hard to learn how to write Swiss-German language. And since I find it hard to communicate with her, I just rely on using those language translator services that are available online for free. It is a great help for me because I can easily respond to her every time she wants to make a conversation with me.

I'm also trying to learn how to speak Swiss-German language using an audio language program. It is a unique audio method that allows me as the listener to learn the proper pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar without repetitive rote learning, in a similar way just like how we acquired using our native language. I actually know how to speak a little but I am eager to learn more so I can speak fluently and confidently. With the help of this audio language program, there will be no more language barrier for me and my sister because I know it would be easier for me to understand her  language.

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