When Others Do Not Agree What We Have Written on Our Blog

When we post something in our blog it is always nice to receive a response. We feel happy and proud when we receive comments from our readers even  if its just a one word response.

Response can be positive and negative. It feels nice to receive positive or pleasant comments from our readers. However, regardless of the topic that we have written from our blog, I know we bloggers sometimes face a certain situation where other people do not agree on our thoughts and opinion where they usually leave some negative comments from our blog. These negative comments may be troubling to us but fortunately there are some ways on how to deal with these comments.

One way to do this is to moderate our blog comments. We have the option whether to delete or approve their comments. We also have the right to ban these visitors who are leaving negative comments to prevent them from making  any future comments. It can be tempting to respond when we receive some negative comments but what's the point? just ignore it and then move on.

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