WiFi Modem from PLDT

Now that my mom will spend her holiday again for a couple of weeks next month, she will definitely bring her notebook and were gonna be having a dilemma again on how she can still get connected to the internet. We used SmartBro Plug-it Prepaid USB before but it costs us a lot since we always have to load it. They said that P100 is equivalent to 5 hours of internet usage. What? are they kidding us? it only consumes 2 hours because of the very slow connection. My mom always ask me to buy another load for her internet. Geez! I am so sick and tired of that. Not to mention that we already wasted a lot of money.

Ive heard about PLDT's WiFi Modem that has a four-port hub switch which can accommodate for up to four wired and multiple wireless connections within a range of 25 meters from anywhere at home. My mom is always renting an apartment near the beach every time she spends her holiday here in the Philippines. I also want to bring my laptop there so I think this WiFi Modem is just the perfect one that we need. 

We are currently a subscriber of PLDT MyDSL using the P999 High-Speed Plan for our internet shop. I also personally used it since our house and our shop is just in one place. They have a promo for high-speed plan subscribers where we can get this WiFi Modem for only P1000. Now I am confused and I am not yet sure if this Modem can only be use here at home or if we can bring it anywhere and everywhere we go.

Anybody who are already using this kind of WiFi connection?

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