Yay! This Blog is Now PR4!

Whoa! It's another great blessing for me to start off my new year. PR updates is one of the most talked about topics of my fellow mommy bloggers here. I actually did not checked out the PR Checker site. I just saw my PR's updated status at the footer of my blog. I'm so glad to know that somehow my blog receives a greater amount of traffic because of my relevant and important posts written in it. We all know that those who have important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

Checking our Pagerank is very interesting and I think the numbers are important part of SEO. They can give us a peek of what kind of progress we are making with our SEO campaigns in Google since a high ranking in Google is much more valuable than all of the other search engines combined.

Now if you want to know how I got my PR4, I actually don't know but maybe some basic tips could help where I make sure that my posts are keyword rich, I blog frequently as in I blog daily and if ever I can't make an update in one day, I make a follow up post where I used to write 2 to 4 blog posts and that includes memes and interim posts. I think building quality external links also helps alot since Google likes it when our blog  is getting linked to by other sites. The more the content is related, the better it is. I hope this little tips of mine could also help in increasing your pagerank. (as if I am an expert... lol) 

Well, so much for that, I'm hoping for more opportunities, more advertisers , more learning  and experience of course and more moolahs will come along my way this year as I continue my Life and My Journey Online through Blogging. Thanks to all of you my dear friends, followers and readers of my blog for the  love, support and effort in visiting and reading my posts.  Love Yah All! ^_^

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