Young at Heart

                        (Me in black together with the young people from our church)

We had a blast and fun Sunday yesterday when hubby and I attended a gathering of all young people from different churches here in our city. We accompanied the young people from our church as we joined the Inter Youth Fellowship. This gathering is usually held once in every month where young teens will celebrate and experience God's goodness as they sing praises to Him, listen to His word and be revived. 

                          (from left: hubby and I, my sis-in-law and her hubby in yellow)

Our music team was also invited to perform where my hubby played the guitar together with my brother in law who played the drums. I gave way to our young people who will lead the vocals since the songs are meant for teenagers. It's quite unsuitable for me. lol!  We also feel like young teens at that time since  most of our companion are single ladies and young gents. ^_^


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