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Still on Vacation Mode

Gosh Ive been so very busy these days. I'm still on vacation mode today spending my time with my mom. I always accompany her everywhere she goes. Although I always bring my laptop with me, but my mom is also using it that's why I only get the chance to check out those important messages and update some my blogs. As much as I'm trying to do my multi tasking to cope up my missed posts and some paid tasks, I find it hard to concentrate well since my mind is still set on our vacation mode. lol!  But anyway, don't worry my dear friends specially those who are an avid reader and follower of my blogs, I promise to get back to you and visit all your blogs soon. As of now, I am spending more of my time with my family specially with my ever missed mom because we only get the chance to see each other once in every year. I want to cherish every moment and treasure our time together while she's here with us. ^_^

Make It a Part of Your Healthy Diet

For someone like who loves food but also trying to lose weight, dealing with hunger on a daily basis can be exasperating. There is nothing worse than being hungry after an half hour of meal and also knowing that there are few more hours to go before it’s time to eat again. That is why it is important that you should do the best that you can to curb hunger by feeding your body with foods that usually takes longer to process. One of the best weight loss foods is protein and increasing the amount of protein that you eat in your daily diet can be the key to your dieting success. I recently found out that protein shakes for weight loss was proven to be one of great aid to those who are striving to shed those excess pounds. These weight loss protein shakes are based on the trick of making people feel fuller than what they would had been by consuming regular meals. So, if you always stay full, you would surely avoid eating those unhealthy food craving attacks. Protein shakes offers a lot o

My Internet On The Go is Here!

I finally decided to subscribe to Smart Bro Plug-It Unlimited post paid last weekend because I was enticed by their P999 monthly unlimited internet offering. I also like its small and compact USB gadget size where you can just simply attach it to your laptop and viola! you can get connected to the internet immediately. I badly need it right now because I'm gonna bring my laptop everywhere I go specially now that my mom will be coming home for her holiday. I just can't leave my blogging career. lol! I have a Globe Tattoo prepaid here but I don't want use it anymore. We already had a bad experience using this kind of prepaid internet service because its such a waste of time and money. There's one thing that I don’t like though, its their 24 months lock-in period. If I remember correctly, their lock-period before was only set for 1 year when it was still P1,500 a month. I also know that I can only get its fast internet connection depending on the area where 3G/HSDPA si

A Letter from a Dear Blogger Friend

I actually received this surprise letter from my dear blogger friend Sis Dhemz just last week. It's Greg and Demcy's 2010 Newsletter where they happily share their family's memorable and unforgettable experiences. It has been their family's tradition where they usually sent out this yearly newsletter to all of their friends. And I'm so glad that I am one of the million friends of Sis Dhemz. Thanks so much Sis! I really appreciate it. I was also surprised that that it took several months before it finally arrived here in our place. Just imagine it was sent as a Holiday greetings last December 2010 and I just received it this month. Whoa! I don't know why it took that so long. Maybe because our post office here was burned down a few weeks ago. I thanked God that this letter just came late and was not included on the fire. Thanks once again Sis Dhemz for being such a thoughtful friend. Our friendship means to much to me and I cherish it so deeply. Love you! Si

Getting More Busy These Days...But I Always Put HIM first!

Yay! My life offline and online will be getting more busy these days because my mom will arrive next week for her holiday. She will be spending her 3 weeks holiday here with us. So this means that I am on a holiday too! lol! We have a lot of planned activities and we want to spend and treasure our family bonding time together since we only get the chance to see each other once in a year. My life online also gets busier specially now that I have lots of pending assignments to write from Sheriff and also with other paid opps site. Well, what more can I say? I am always thankful to God for all the favor and overflowing blessings that He continue to shower me. No matter how busy I am in striving hard to earn money online, even offline while managing our business, and also spending my precious time for my family, but I always put HIM first. Ive always been busy every weekend because we have our church band practice every Saturday in preparation for our Praise and Worship and Divine servic

Choosing The Right Niche Blog for me

I actually have 3 blogs including this one  with the same niche wherein its a combination of personal and general interest or simply what we call a mixed bag of anything and everything that interests me. I also have a food, drink and at the same time a culture blog. I have another niche blog for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I am actually planning to add some more niche blogs for family, parenting, motherhood and kids. I also like to write about home improvements, shopping and women issues. I still have some niche blogs in mind but I just find it hard to do it such as travel since I don't travel a lot. I also like having my own photo blog but sad to say I don't have that DSLR cameras yet. Reviewing products and sharing information such as web marketing, SEO, blogging, networking and other business related topics is not on my list of interest too. For us bloggers, niche blogging has to be something that we love. We must have a passion for it. This blog works for me because I

More Blogs, More Blessings!

We all know how Payu2blog has been a good company to write for that's why many bloggers really love Sheriff and I'm also thankful that I am one of those happy payu2-blogger right now. ^_^ As of now I have 3 blogs  added in their system. The first one took me around 6 months before it was finally approved while the other 2 just took me a few days. I did not even know about the blogging guideline where a blogger can only add 1 blog a month up to the limit of 12 blogs. I was just trying perhaps, by chance  because I believe that it follows the rules and agreement in order to get approved. And surprisingly, Margie immediately approved my 2 blogs since it's kind of between February and March that's why she added both today.  I am once again thankful to God for His great favor and overflowing blessings that He continue to shower me this year. This is indeed the Year of the Lord's favor for me specially for my blogging career. As of now I am managing 6 blogs and I am

Enjoy & Make Money with PostNjoy

I was enticed to join this new social marketing platform called PostNjoy when I saw Mommy Seth of Sweet as Candy 's first payment proof that she posted on her blog. PostNjoy connects advertisers with bloggers who have their own blog. Advertisers can put an ad effectively and bloggers can make money by writing opinion for the ad. This is a great opportunity for us bloggers because we can make money simply by reviewing and promoting advertiser’s product and services. We can also enjoy the benefits as bloggers because it can help us get a higher search engine rankings and direct traffic from a highly targeted audience. PostNjoy will help us reach our ultimate goal of earning money from our blog. As they connect us with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring our blog. So why don't your try it out now and also enjoy making money with PostNjoy!

Digital Voice Recorder, Ideal for You and Your Business

If you're one of those business minded people who doesn't have time to jot down and take note of all those important agendas from your business meeting, then you must use a reliable voice recorder that could help you in recording your minutes of meeting, seminars, lectures, personal thoughts and other audio recordings for your future reference. We all know that a voice recorder is a sound recording device that is commonly used to record speech for later playback. But as digital voice recorder technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years, there are many new digital voice recorders on the market and due to the large selection of digital voice recorders available, it is important to choose the recorder that fits you and your business needs such us this Digital Voice Recorder 510 Plus from Record Your Life Inc. which is the Professional manufacturer of security products that provides security devices to customers all over the world. This Digital Voice Recorder 510 P

Creative Photo Shots!

These are some of my sister in law's creative photo shots.She's just using my Kodak digital camera and I was so amazed when I saw these beautiful photos. By the way, can you read that word which was formed in letters by our young people?  and oh! the man in white who raised his hands was actually my sissy in law's hubby. It's one of my favorite shots. I just love looking at these lovely blue skies, white fluffy clouds and the beauty of green nature. Isn't that a wonderful scenery where we can appreciate the beauty of God's creation? ^_^ Happy Blue Monday everyone! 

Everyday is Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day everyone! I hope you all had a great and sweet bonding moments together with your loved ones. Well, in our case its just a normal and ordinary day. Hubby and I do not celebrate Valentines Day because everyday is a love day for us. We may not always tell how much we love, cherish and appreciate each other but we can discern it through our actions as we are bonded as one in Christ. We love each other more than words can say. For the only daughter that we have together, and the love for God in each other, it helps keep our love strong because the Lord is always there to guide and correct us from all wrong.   "May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other  and for everyone else" 1 Thessalonians 3:12"

Because I am Addicted in Joining Contests Online

Nothing compares to the joy and happiness that I feel specially when I found out that I won a prize out from the online contests that Ive joined. And because I am addicted in joining contests online,  I even forgot that I joined that certain contest and I did not even know that I won just like what happened to Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Contest where I just recently found out that I am one of the Top 10 finalist who will receive a Globe Broadband Tattoo as prize. It was already announced last 14th of January and I just found it out a week that's why I immediately emailed Sir Abe of Yugatech about my winning prize and I’m happy to know that he considered it so I was able to received my prize   delivered by LBC two days ago.  Thanks again Sir Abe of Yugatech!  ^_^

True Love Waits

Since our church was headed by a Youth Pastor, most of our church members are young people. We are thankful to God that these teenagers are actively participating in most of our church activities. One of the activities that they are currently participating with is the True Love Waits campaign. It is a youth based international campaign designed to encourage moral purity by adhering to biblical principles. It helps in developing a positive peer pressure by encouraging those who make a commitment to refrain from pre-marital sex and challenge their peers to do the same. True Love Waits was launched to encourage cities to take a unified, community-wide approach in promoting abstinence by involving the church, schools, government, health organizations and many others. This is indeed a great campaign for Filipino youths to connect people with God and His ultimate plan for purity. Love is truly an adventure of pursuing Christ’s best!

Appreciating God's Creation

I was so amazed when I saw this photo from my sister-in-law who took this beautiful picture. That's Joshua, our young bassist from our church who posed for these picture. The location was actually just shot outside of our church. Isn't that amazing to see that we simply appreciate God's creation just by looking at the blue sky and fluffy clouds and thanked God for all the beautiful things He has wonderfully created? More of God's beautiful sky creation only here on SkyWatch Friday

Valentine Gift Ideas for Hubby

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and its time for us mommies to reaffirm our love and faith to our beloved husband and have a romantic time together. There are ways to make our Valentine's Day special. Just remember that Valentine's Day isn't just about giving and receiving gifts. It is a special day where we should give some time to reflect on and share our love for one another. A simple gestures of love like a simple phone call at work just to say, "I love you and you mean so much to me" can touch his heart in a very special way specially if you tell it more often to him and you always show your ways of your love for him. You may also prepare your hubby's favorite food for the day, or perhaps teach yourself to do a thing he always wished you could, like learning a new recipe (yay! I was hit by!) just give a little thought and you will have loads of romantic ideas. A surprise gift where they can associate themselves with is also a great i

I Need a Break!

Grrr! this constant and painful headache is killing me. As much as Ive wanted to do my blog hopping today, I can't continue when eye strain strikes in me. I need to take a break and rest my eyes by taking a nap. I just hate it because it usually happens twice or even thrice a day. Whoa! It's really getting worse now that I have 6 blogs to manage and I'm still trying to renovate my new blogs. Aside from having a blurry vision, dry and irritated eyes, these tension headache usually comes on during my computer work and shortly thereafter even if I am wearing my prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. I'm glad that a week from now my mom will be here for her holiday. Now I can have my eye break for awhile because I am also having my holiday. Yay! It's time for swimming at the beach, at the pool, dining outside, shopping, roaming around, traveling, eating and eating..whoa! and I love it! And best of all, I can relax my eyes and help alleviate this eyestrain and te

Mobile Marketing - A Great Tool for Business

Since mobile phones are widely used by majority of people nowadays, with the sheer amount of hours spent in sending and reading texts, calling friends and family, reading e-mails and even accessing the internet, it is without a doubt that mobile marketing has become an important advertising tool. It is effective because mobile devices are easy to use and for us, we usually do not want complications when it comes to participating in promos and contests. So the easier it is for us to send a message and reply to the promotional messages the better it is, right? I believe that Mobile Marketing is highly interactive, measurable, personalized, and cost-effective. It's features are helping many organizations to reach their target audience more effectively.

The Bloggers Exchange Links

I’m in and I would love to be a part of The Bloggers Exchange program. I want to meet new friends here in the blogosphere and I would love to follow all their blogs specially to my good friends here who wants to follow their new blogs.  I’m that glad that I was able to submit some blogs of mine for February and March links. I hope I could also add my new blogs for the next bloggers exchange links soon. Thanks Mommy Willa and Mommy Rubz for creating this brilliant idea. The main goal of this program is to Visit,Read,Comment and Comeback to each other’s blog. So here we go guys… I’m gonna be following all of you those who are listed here. ^_^ All About Her American Money Solution Anime Heaven Anything Baguio Aris Online Arise And Shine At Home Here Azumi, Kawaii Princess Story Baguio Food Beauty Loot Bag Bee Mommy Best Friends In Love Big Bear Tube Blogcoholic Blogger,I Am Bloggityboop Bonz World Cheeky Munchkins Chic And Fabulous Chubbymommyme Losing Weight, Raising

A Sweet and Romantic Photo Shots

The sweet and romantic photos above is my brother in law together with his lovely wife. This is their recent photo taken from their friend who is just starting to learn digital photography. Their friend asked them a favor if they could do some photo shoots since these young couple are addicted in making some photo poses. I just love these kind of photos specially when it is captured in beautiful natural setting like this. You could imagine the result of a creative photography in a stunning environment, right? I hope hubby and I could also do some photo shoots like these... Hmmm but I don't think so because my hubby is not fond of posing for camera. It's just me and my little one who are so addicted in it. ^_^ 

Choose The Best Web Hosting Service for your Business

Choosing the best web hosting service decides the future of your online business as it makes all the difference for your business. But before you establish your own business website, it is important for you to read web hosting reviews before you purchase a web hosting plan. If not, you should at least learn how to read the reviews before you take the action because it is very important that you have to find the type of hosting service which is best for you. There are plenty of web hosting companies on the internet today and it would be a difficult task to find out which one is the best that is why web hosting reviews could help you out. With the help of these reviews, you would get the unbiased ideas about the web hosting services from different companies and this could help establish your website in a better way. Before you read the web hosting reviews, you should try your best to think about the plan of your website. It is important because you should understand what your website n

Black Fashion

Nothing beats the elegance, sophistication, beauty, formality and style of wearing a sexy black dress, right? Just take a look at the photo above of my sister (second from the left) together with her girl friends. Black color of fashion is indeed a natural classic color that never goes out of style.  I'm linking this entry for this week's Photohunt Fashion.

I Want a Total Make Over of my Blogs!

One of the things that keeps me busy online is I'm spending more time in looking for a free template for my Word press blogs. I find it hard to choose the right one because I don't like the layout and design. As much as I wanted to try some other colors but I always end up in choosing the pink color themed layouts. Whoa! It's not obvious that I am a certified pink lover. lol! Anyway, I actually want to have a total make over of my blogs where I can choose the right color, layout and designs based on my blog's niche. I also want that I can customize and personalized the header. A photo of mine for my personal blogs or even if its just a pretty girl template is fine with me. I also want a badge that's already included on the make over package. I have 5 new blogs from Word press right now that badly needs an overall and total make over. I hope I can find an expert that offers a not too expensive service. ^_^ Anybody here who knows an expert of this blog make over thi

What's the Best Wireless Internet on the Go? I Need You're Help Please?

Two weeks from now my mom will gonna be spending her holiday once again together with us. My family and I are so excited as well as our relatives and her long lost friends too. And since its her holiday, I am also having my holiday because I am her usual companion, bodyguard and chaperon... lol! We are usually renting an apartment that's located near the beach every time she spends her holiday here. My mom is also a Facebook addict like me and I'm sure she will definitely bring her notebook and were gonna be having a dilemma again on how she can still get connected to the internet. We used SmartBro Plug-it Prepaid USB before but it costs us a lot since we always have to load it. They said that P100 is equivalent to 5 hours of internet usage. What? are they kidding us? it only consumes 2 hours because of the very slow connection. My mom always ask me to buy another load for her internet. We don't want to waste our money anymore in spending several hours of having a turtl

How Do You Manage Your Multiple Blogs?

Did you know that I already have a total of 6 blogs? Whoa! I can't even believe myself that I already have so many blogs. That's what keeping me busy these days. Ive been crazy in adding more blogs lately. As I am looking forward for this year with hope and anticipation, one of my major goals, of course, is to make more money. I definitely enjoy making money and anything I can do to bump up our family's income will definitely get my attention and due consideration. I have 3 old blogs and 3 newly added ones. My Life and My Journey Online - This is my main blog which will remain forever here in blogspot. I don't want to lose its PR4 rank so it will remain as is here and it will continue to accept paid opportunities from other paid to blog companies.  My Daily Notes - my self-hosted Wordpress blog which was recently approved by Sheriff Table for Five - my food and culture blog, recently on process of propagation and migration from Blogger to Wordpress. Fashiona

Get Free Books In Exchange for an Honest Review on Your Blog

Good News to all my fellow Bloggers who loves to read books! You can receive free copies from selected Book Sneeze products that you would like to read. There are a lot of choices available from fiction, non-fiction, Bibles, Children's books and more. You just choose a book from their available books and they will send you a copy for free. They want nothing but only an honest reviews from you since this is only way where they can continue to bring their readers its consistent and quality books. They just asked to make a review at least 200 words or more on your blog. You can even request for another book. Any blogger can receive FREE copies of Book Sneeze products so why don't you check it now!

My Blog Finally Got Approved by Sheriff!

Thanked God that after several months of waiting, my blog finally got approved by Sheriff. Ive been waiting for this opportunity for 6 long months! Whoa! You may be wondering why it took me that long. Well, when Mommy Rubz told me that in order for my blog to get approved at Payu2blog, I need to have a self-hosted blog with Wordpress platform and it needs to be at least 3 months old.  And since My Daily Notes blog that I won from her give away was still a new blog, I continue writing some posts there until it reaches 90 days old. And from that time, I submitted my URL to Payu's site. That took me another 3 months of waiting to get my blog approved by Sheriff. I was surprised when I received an email last week from someone named Margie, saying that my blog has been approved! Woohoo! She asked me to send my contact details and paypal account email. She also said that I will receive a follow up e-mail within 5 business days with detailed instructions on how to use their system and