Choosing The Right Niche Blog for me

I actually have 3 blogs including this one  with the same niche wherein its a combination of personal and general interest or simply what we call a mixed bag of anything and everything that interests me. I also have a food, drink and at the same time a culture blog. I have another niche blog for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I am actually planning to add some more niche blogs for family, parenting, motherhood and kids. I also like to write about home improvements, shopping and women issues.

I still have some niche blogs in mind but I just find it hard to do it such as travel since I don't travel a lot. I also like having my own photo blog but sad to say I don't have that DSLR cameras yet. Reviewing products and sharing information such as web marketing, SEO, blogging, networking and other business related topics is not on my list of interest too.

For us bloggers, niche blogging has to be something that we love. We must have a passion for it. This blog works for me because I have a true interest about my personal life as well as I can freely write any topic that I want to share for my readers and followers. I'm also doing some research on these topics to see what other bloggers are saying and based on what I have read, I'm able to bring these topics to you  based from my own opinion.

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