Getting More Busy These Days...But I Always Put HIM first!

Yay! My life offline and online will be getting more busy these days because my mom will arrive next week for her holiday. She will be spending her 3 weeks holiday here with us. So this means that I am on a holiday too! lol! We have a lot of planned activities and we want to spend and treasure our family bonding time together since we only get the chance to see each other once in a year. My life online also gets busier specially now that I have lots of pending assignments to write from Sheriff and also with other paid opps site.

Well, what more can I say? I am always thankful to God for all the favor and overflowing blessings that He continue to shower me. No matter how busy I am in striving hard to earn money online, even offline while managing our business, and also spending my precious time for my family, but I always put HIM first.

Ive always been busy every weekend because we have our church band practice every Saturday in preparation for our Praise and Worship and Divine service the following day on Sunday. Our i-cafe is also closed during that day. So that means we have No business,No income and No blogging for me too.

We spend and focus our time with God as we listen to His word, Praise and Thank Him for His goodness and have a happy bonding time together with my family and also to our fellow church members.

God has been so faithful to us as He continue to bless us in so many ways. And as  our way of gratitude and thanking God for all the goodness that He has done in our lives, here's a live music video sang by yours truly together with my hubby as he plays  the guitar. We recorded this video a few weeks ago when we had our family bonding at the river side here in our place.

Hope you enjoy watching it. God bless everyone and Have a Blessed weekend!

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