How Do You Manage Your Multiple Blogs?

Did you know that I already have a total of 6 blogs? Whoa! I can't even believe myself that I already have so many blogs. That's what keeping me busy these days. Ive been crazy in adding more blogs lately. As I am looking forward for this year with hope and anticipation, one of my major goals, of course, is to make more money. I definitely enjoy making money and anything I can do to bump up our family's income will definitely get my attention and due consideration.

I have 3 old blogs and 3 newly added ones.

My Life and My Journey Online - This is my main blog which will remain forever here in blogspot. I don't want to lose its PR4 rank so it will remain as is here and it will continue to accept paid opportunities from other paid to blog companies. 

My Daily Notes - my self-hosted Wordpress blog which was recently approved by Sheriff

Table for Five - my food and culture blog, recently on process of propagation and migration from Blogger to Wordpress.

Fashionably Trendy - my new fashion and lifestyle blog, self-hosted  from Wordpress too.

I Heart Them All - I recently bought this domain blog from Mommy Rubz which also self-hosted from Wordpress. It has a PR1 already. This blog will feature all the give aways, freebies, and online contests that Im also joining. :)

Kayce’s Online Diary - its another self-hosted Wordpress blog which will feature anything and everything that interests me just like my My Life and My Journey  and my Daily Notes.

The 3 newly added ones are still under construction and renovation since I have to spend lots of time in building these blogs. I actually find it hard to build my blog using Wordpress since I'm still learning and trying to familiarize its features, plug-ins, widgets and more. 

Running multiple blogs indeed takes a lot patience, devotion and a lot of persistence if you want to do it right. But if you take a look at its positive side, if you want to maximize your money earning potential with blogging, one method to do so is to set up more than one blog. Multiple blogs create a larger and more diverse stream of income if you monetize them differently and smartly.

If you noticed that most of my blogs are already self-hosted in Wordpress because I want all these blogs to earn from Payu2. Having more than one blog will bring in more traffic between each sites rather than having less go through a single site. Since I have 3 general interest blogs, what I usually do is I re-write the same articles. I'm also having a writer's block sometimes so instead of searching for new topics, I just re-write some of my articles.

Having multiple blogs can be a hard work, but it is not impossible. Just remember to brush up on your writing skills and participate in social bookmarking sites and pinging for more traffic and higher search engine rankings. There’s a lot of things that I’ve learned based from my blogging experience for almost 2 years now and because of that, it has given me the courage and enthusiasm to make another blog much more efficiently the second, third and now the sixth time around. I know it would still be a lot of effort, but the year or so I spent learning the ropes and getting my feet wet here would help me to get another blog up, running, and hopefully turning a profit in much less time.

How about you my fellow blogging friends? How many blogs do you manage? Do you plan to create more in the near future?

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