I Need a Break!

Grrr! this constant and painful headache is killing me. As much as Ive wanted to do my blog hopping today, I can't continue when eye strain strikes in me. I need to take a break and rest my eyes by taking a nap. I just hate it because it usually happens twice or even thrice a day. Whoa! It's really getting worse now that I have 6 blogs to manage and I'm still trying to renovate my new blogs.

Aside from having a blurry vision, dry and irritated eyes, these tension headache usually comes on during my computer work and shortly thereafter even if I am wearing my prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.

I'm glad that a week from now my mom will be here for her holiday. Now I can have my eye break for awhile because I am also having my holiday. Yay! It's time for swimming at the beach, at the pool, dining outside, shopping, roaming around, traveling, eating and eating..whoa! and I love it! And best of all, I can relax my eyes and help alleviate this eyestrain and terrible headache.

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