I Want a Total Make Over of my Blogs!

One of the things that keeps me busy online is I'm spending more time in looking for a free template for my Word press blogs. I find it hard to choose the right one because I don't like the layout and design. As much as I wanted to try some other colors but I always end up in choosing the pink color themed layouts. Whoa! It's not obvious that I am a certified pink lover. lol!

Anyway, I actually want to have a total make over of my blogs where I can choose the right color, layout and designs based on my blog's niche. I also want that I can customize and personalized the header. A photo of mine for my personal blogs or even if its just a pretty girl template is fine with me. I also want a badge that's already included on the make over package. I have 5 new blogs from Word press right now that badly needs an overall and total make over. I hope I can find an expert that offers a not too expensive service. ^_^

Anybody here who knows an expert of this blog make over thingy?

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