A Letter from a Dear Blogger Friend

I actually received this surprise letter from my dear blogger friend Sis Dhemz just last week. It's Greg and Demcy's 2010 Newsletter where they happily share their family's memorable and unforgettable experiences. It has been their family's tradition where they usually sent out this yearly newsletter to all of their friends. And I'm so glad that I am one of the million friends of Sis Dhemz. Thanks so much Sis! I really appreciate it.

I was also surprised that that it took several months before it finally arrived here in our place. Just imagine it was sent as a Holiday greetings last December 2010 and I just received it this month. Whoa! I don't know why it took that so long. Maybe because our post office here was burned down a few weeks ago. I thanked God that this letter just came late and was not included on the fire. Thanks once again Sis Dhemz for being such a thoughtful friend. Our friendship means to much to me and I cherish it so deeply. Love you!

Sis Dhemz is one of my mommy blogger idol here in the blogosphere. She is the beautiful author behind these beautiful blogs:


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