More Blogs, More Blessings!

We all know how Payu2blog has been a good company to write for that's why many bloggers really love Sheriff and I'm also thankful that I am one of those happy payu2-blogger right now. ^_^

As of now I have 3 blogs  added in their system. The first one took me around 6 months before it was finally approved while the other 2 just took me a few days. I did not even know about the blogging guideline where a blogger can only add 1 blog a month up to the limit of 12 blogs. I was just trying perhaps, by chance  because I believe that it follows the rules and agreement in order to get approved. And surprisingly, Margie immediately approved my 2 blogs since it's kind of between February and March that's why she added both today. 

I am once again thankful to God for His great favor and overflowing blessings that He continue to shower me this year. This is indeed the Year of the Lord's favor for me specially for my blogging career. As of now I am managing 6 blogs and I am planning to add some more. God has really been so good to me...Thank You Lord!

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