My Blog Finally Got Approved by Sheriff!

Thanked God that after several months of waiting, my blog finally got approved by Sheriff. Ive been waiting for this opportunity for 6 long months! Whoa! You may be wondering why it took me that long. Well, when Mommy Rubz told me that in order for my blog to get approved at Payu2blog, I need to have a self-hosted blog with Wordpress platform and it needs to be at least 3 months old. 

And since My Daily Notes blog that I won from her give away was still a new blog, I continue writing some posts there until it reaches 90 days old. And from that time, I submitted my URL to Payu's site. That took me another 3 months of waiting to get my blog approved by Sheriff.

I was surprised when I received an email last week from someone named Margie, saying that my blog has been approved! Woohoo! She asked me to send my contact details and paypal account email. She also said that I will receive a follow up e-mail within 5 business days with detailed instructions on how to use their system and how to start receiving assignments. 

Well, I was surprised that it did not took 5 days because I received the email the following day and after having my account running and active on that day, I already got a couple of opps. I was so thrilled because the assignments were rather easy and it doesn't demand a lengthy submission. Free form assignments are usually priced at $5, but I heard there are occasional $12 or $50 opps. I hope I could also receive that occasional high rate opps soon. Yey!

I am now planning to transfer and self-host my foodie blog, Table for Five to Wordpress and I'm also planning to add more blogs. Now I know why most of my fellow mommy bloggers have multiple blogs. More blogs means more money right?

So to my fellow blogger friends, If you are serious about blogging and serious about making money, you can sign up to work for them. They will only email you if your blog gets approved. If it doesn't,  then just keep working on your blog, write quality posts, increase the frequency of your posts, and submit it again. Although you need to have more patience, courage and determination but hey, it is worth the wait once  you're blog gets approved. Believe me, they really are the best blog company to work for.  ^_^

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