My Internet On The Go is Here!

I finally decided to subscribe to Smart Bro Plug-It Unlimited post paid last weekend because I was enticed by their P999 monthly unlimited internet offering. I also like its small and compact USB gadget size where you can just simply attach it to your laptop and viola! you can get connected to the internet immediately.

I badly need it right now because I'm gonna bring my laptop everywhere I go specially now that my mom will be coming home for her holiday. I just can't leave my blogging career. lol! I have a Globe Tattoo prepaid here but I don't want use it anymore. We already had a bad experience using this kind of prepaid internet service because its such a waste of time and money.

There's one thing that I don’t like though, its their 24 months lock-in period. If I remember correctly, their lock-period before was only set for 1 year when it was still P1,500 a month. I also know that I can only get its fast internet connection depending on the area where 3G/HSDPA signal is available. Well, I have no choice since this is the most suited internet on the go that I need right now. 

Over all, I am happy with this unit. The speed is quite decent. I am receiving 3G/HSDPA signal here in our place. I just hope that I could also get its fast speed while we were at the beach for our holiday.

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